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Established in 2003, Angelo Palisciano Landscaping Inc specializes in garden designs that leverage the steadfastness and versatility of landscaping rocks.

We work with residential and commercial clients across Long Island!

Using Rocks In Your Landscape

Natural stone is a versatile and long-lasting feature that you can include in any landscape makeover to add a stylish touch to your garden and bring out the beauty of the plants that you are already growing. The trick is to choose the right rocks and create a picture-perfect scene of complementary hues, textures and contrasts.

Whether you’re in the market for flat terracotta stones to complement a tropical landscape or black lava rocks for a minimalist Polynesian-themed garden, we can help you realize your ideal garden! At Angelo Palisciano Landscaping Inc, our team has the uncanny ability to understand your ideas and translate them into a great garden design.

Landscaping rocks can bring a natural and rugged beauty to any garden or outdoor space

Landscaping Rocks  Suffolk County
Landscaping Rocks  Suffolk County

In Business Since 2003

There are several ways to use rocks in landscape designs, including:

  • Ground cover
  • Rock garden
  • Centerpiece
  • Pond borders
  • Lawn edging
  • And stepping stone path

Contact us today to discuss your next landscape project! Our team of approachable designers and technical experts have a wealth of experience in choosing the right stones to set the tone for the rest of your garden.

We understand your ideas and translate them into a picture-perfect landscape


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  • Imaginative landscape designs
  • Through understanding of landscape rocks
  • Excellent reputation
  • Unparalleled technical expertise
  • Attention to detail
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